Sightseeing around Lemgo Sightseeing around Lemgo



Hermanns memorial

The most famous destination for an excursion will be the „Hermannsdenkmal“. It is stands on the 356 m tall Grotenburg in the village of Hiddensen, a suburb of in the south west Detmold. The statue dominates the scenery. The monument commemorates the Cherusci war chief Arminius and the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in which the Germanic tribes under Arminius recorded a decisive victory over three Roman legions. Since its opening 125 years ago the monument has become one of the best known destinations for excursions in the northern part of Germany. By now more then one million people visit the statue on the Grotenburg every year. Because of its largely extended gastronomic establishments and the well planned hiking trails in different levels and distances you also can enjoy a longer visit.



The „Externsteine“ are part of the middle rock mass from the „Teutoburger“ forest mainly developed from sandstone in the cretaceus age.70 million years ago, during the mountain building, the originally flat lying cretaceous-sandstone was pushed up vertically into the „Externsteine“. „Externsteine“  is not just the name for the rocks, but as well for the adjacent nature reserve.

Kaiser Wilhelmdenkmal

Porta Westfalica, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial

The 50m high on Hermann Monument on Mount Grotenburg reminiscent of a battleagainst the Romans in 9 AD, anno From here there is a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape of castles and palaces.

Adlerwarte Berlebeck

The Adlerwarte Berlebeck

Oldest and largest bird of prey waiting in Europe with more than 180 raptors of 50species from around the world. Teaching and information center for breeding and keeping of birds of prey free flight demonstrations, adventure playground, restaurant.

Vogelpark Heiligenkirchen   

Bird park Heiligenkirchen

The bird park Heiligenkirchen offers a well-kept park and over 1,000 birds and mammals in 300 species from around the world in large aviaries and enclosures. Thelargest bird, the cassowary, to the smallest chicken in the world - with chicks in thesize of a bumblebee - everything is represented. On display are inter alia Pelicans, storks, cranes, peacocks, toucans and rare hornbills, as well as monkeys, prairie dogs,kangaroos, and the little brother of the elephant.

Freilichtbühne Bellenberg

The outdoor stage Bellenberg

The only Lippe natural stage with over 40 years of tradition, picturesquely situatednear the charming mountain village of Bell Hill near Horn-Bad Meinberg, is visited annually by over 10,000 spectators. Listed exclusively by amateur actors cheerful folk tales, fairy tales and plays for young people, from Pentecost Sunday until early September, attraction for the whole family.

Lippische Landesmuseum

The Lippe Landesmuseum

The Lippe Museum is the largest and oldest museum of East Westphalia-Lippe and is located in the heart of Detmold over the Weser Renaissance castle of the princes ofLippe.

Founded in 1835 as a natural history museum, it developed to this day to a fabulous collection of Lippe and except Lippe cultural assets in the fields of natural history,prehistory and early history, regional history, folklore, art, furniture and interior design and ethnography.

Fürstliches Residenzschloß Detmold

Princely Residenzschloß Detmold

The picturesque castle in the heart of the city Detmold. The tour highlight is a visit to the medieval town center, which is particularly inviting with its shops and cafes to stroll and shop.

Westfälisches Freilichtmuseum

Westphalian open air museum Detmold

The historical carcass architecture and westphalian culture of the last 500 years can be recognized in the houses, courtyards and villages of the open air museum. It represents the every day culture of the medieval times up the 20th century.
For today’s people hard to believe: until the 20th century farm laborer or farmer’s wife, sexton, priest or teacher were living with and from the products of surrounding region only. Just as in old times, Grassland and grazing lands, fields, hedges or flowering tree gardens make the village look alive. Rare breeds of domestic animals as ‘Bentheimer’ sheep, “Lippegans” a goose, or the westphalian ‘Totleger still live here in their natural habits.

Musikburg Sternberg

The music Burg Sternberg

The national association lip has performed in the years 1998 to 2003, extensiverenovation and expansion work at the castle Sternberg in Extertal, and so thesedilapidated castle transformed into an architectural and building history gem which is,after more than one year of full operation as a training center for events and, very popular with guests and visitors from near and far enjoyed. Exquisite classical concerts, opera and operetta performances, great theater, cabaret refreshing and contemplative readings have delighted audiences. The highlight of 2004 there was the opening of "Musical Museum" and the Academy of Ancient Music and Instruments onSternberg Castle in June 2004.

Draisinen Extertal

Handcars Extertal

Biking on rails? Directing forget and enjoy the surroundings? Now they have the opportunity: The all-new Extertal - handcar! Gentle, easy to roll on the rails of thehistoric train Extertal then. Driven by the power they bring about crank, chain and drive wheel on the rail. The seven-speed gearbox will help them and they glide through fields and meadows, often accompanied by the sound of the river Exter. Original nature, old farms and small villages, they see the Extertal from an unusual perspective.

Campingpark Bielefeld Sportmöglichkeiten

The Teuto climbing park at memorial Hermann

Since the end of March, a new climbing season in Teuto climbing park began onMemorial Hermann in Detmold. Since it is again: "out everyday - pure adventure!";Climbing all hungry to face the challenges of this unique high ropes. In six different courses in the natural tree was between 1 m to 12 m is for everyone - depending on the courage and skill - the right things.