Permanent sites Permanent sites

There are 16 permanent spot pitches.these vary from 100 to 200qm.Each spot has its own current conector and a water tap is in the near.Round the park there is a small river.sometimes in very bad weather with lots of rain the water could rise so much it comes on to the park.thats the reason there are no toilets on the permanent spot pitches.

Mobile homes and wooden huts are not allowed with us because they are a fire risk and it would spoil the look on the park. and also the permanent spots have no wooden fences around them only plants are allowed.IT looks better.

Tourists sites Tourists sites

The surface of our camping park is loamy soil. It grows and thrives here everythingabundant as in other places and at prolonged dry remains of the beautiful green grass.But in permanently damp weather in spring and fall can causeVernässungsproblemen. For this reason we have secured some land for heavy motor homes with grass pavers. Since prolonged heavy rain the next flowing Begaunfortunately sometimes can overflow their banks our tourist places are not parceledeinzelnd by hedges. This faster premises of the camp and maneuvering of vehicles is still possible. Do not worry, I've taken are the camping park on 01.03.2007 is it only happened once and that. Unfortunately the same in August, my first year I mention thisonly because I have been asked often in the past, why we do not offer fixed piches fortourists.

The current system is protected by 16A and supply stations are always very close to your place. The campground has a total area of approximately 2.7 hectares and is therefore certainly a dwarf among the German campsites. Consequently, we have to reserve space for 60 units on the property and it is recommended for the holidays or a quick call.